The Cloud Classrooms are about to open

The Cloud Classrooms are about to open, jointly funded by the Canadian Red Cross and Government of Canada Scan QR code to join! The series of cloud classrooms of the Sky Talent Show jointly organized by the National Talent Service and the University Alumni Association Alliance is about to open,…

Summer Business Learning Oppurtunity

A unique chance for post-secondary students to learn about how to build your own personal brand.

Toronto economic delegation visits Chengdu

Toronto Economic and Trade Delegation visited Chengdu in November 2019,and held a Toronto Investment Promotion Conference in Chengdu, and more than 300 companies participated in the conference. Toronto business representatives also showed the project at the recommendation meeting. After the meeting, the Toronto delegation visited Chengdu Xingcheng Group, Chengdu Food…

Youth Healthy Nutrition Summer Camp

In July 2019, the National Talent Service and the Kilborn Medical Foundation co-sponsored a 2-week summer nutrition and health camp for youth. Universities and health experts, dietitians and health companies managers had full communication with youth.

Chengdu Delegation Participates in the First Toronto High-Tech Conference-Collision

Toronto and Chengdu signed a letter of intent on economic and trade cooperation in 2017, they have continuously strengthened exchanges and cooperation in related fields, mainly in health, artificial intelligence, manufacturing technology and tourism.

The 4th Panda Cup Table Tennis Competition was successfully held

Admission for young players As one of the sponsors, the National Talent Service held the first competition in 2016. The number of contestants has exceeded 1,000 in 2019. It has stimulated community fitness and enriched the amateur life of the community.

City of Markham technology development plan and legal knowledge

Mr. Ho, Chairman of the Department of Economic and Cultural Development of Markham , introduced the city ’s high-tech development plan in detail and shared the preferential policies of the future high-tech capital with young entrepreneurs. At the same time, Mr. He supplemented the main points of intellectual property protection…

eXchangily decentralized trading platform is a combination of speed and security.

The development team of the eXchangily decentralized trading platform gathered at the National Talent Library Roadshow Center to showcase the development results of the trading platform on February 28 2019. The platform also obtained: OTC Qualification: USA from FINCEN, Canada from FINTrac. Pension investment qualification; team members hold There are…

The first generation mining machine for the application of blockchain financial derivatives

RoadShow February22,2019 at NTSC The young blockchain talent, Mr. Qin Jian, developed the YESBIT mining machine, which broke through the energy consumption bottleneck and was easy to carry. The use of distributed storage of financial information facilitates the application of financial product scenarios. Ro

Blockchain project roadshow

Chaintime blockchain association and National Talent Service organized a blockchain application roadshow. The roadshow institutions include: FAB-eXchangily decentralized exchange; Diamond Loveonly platform; blockchain life scene Tweebaa APP